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Amigos de
A non-profit educational organization
Amigos de Patzún 131 N. Broadway, Suite A De Pere, WI 54115
About Us
ADP Founders Jessica Daly, Paul Butki and Karen Towers
Amigos de patzún (ADP) was founded by three Peace Corps Volunteers teaching in rural Patzún: Karen Towers, Paul BUtki, and Jessica Daly.  All three were struck by the lack of opportunity for rural students.  In 2002, they began soliciting funds from friends and family, and raised enough to send several rural students to an urban middle school. 
ADP Scholarships Include:
Full tuition and fees Transportation - the bulk of a student’s cost Uniforms Books and supplies Medical Exams
In 2006, Tim and Lori Kneeland adopted a daughter from Patzún, became aware of Amigos de patzún and attended a meeting, in Patzún to learn more.  The families, curious about Tim’s presence wanted to know why he was present.  Tim explained the gift the village of Patzún had given his family in his daughter and that day, committed to the families that he would work to repay the favor by asking his friends and family to support scholarships in Patzún.  After many years as a supportive volunteer, Tim and a group of friends and family took over the administration of the program in 2015.
Since its first days, the scholarship has expanded and formalized.  ADP now supports middle school and high school students who are selected through a competitive process that weighs academic achievement, demonstrated financial needs, and teacher recommendations.  ADP is a 501(c)(3) organization, all donations are tax-exempt.
Tim, Kemily and their family. Kemily was adopted from Guatemala ... which started this whole thing.
The Kneeland family
Mom (Lori Kneeland) and Kemily meet for the first time.
Kemily - the inspiration for our fundraiser
New school supplies for a student in Patzun provided by Amigos de Patzun donations